Are You Prepared For September 1st?

September 1st is almost here and it’s a very important date to remember in the recruiting process. During this time you should really consider where you are in the recruiting process.


September 1st is a time where you will need to understand where you are in the process. Most Division 1 programs have already completed recruiting for your class and have extended many offers to other players. Meanwhile, you may need to consider Division 11, 111, and NAIA schools as an option. These programs wait until your senior year to seriously recruit players. If you have not considered working with a recruiting service, this will be a great opportunity to sit down and customize a program to fit your needs.

What Happens During The Evaluation Period? 

It is permissible for the college coach to evaluate your playing abilities at your high school or any other place where you are competing. During this period the coach cannot have off campus in-person contact with you or your legal guardians. The coach can still make telephone calls to you or your legal guardians, and you are allowed to make campus visits during this period.