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Millions of high school players are doing everything they can to make it to college. Unfortunately, only about 2% to 3% of all high school players will get an opportunity to play in college sports. Furthermore, 96% of athletes will see their playing days end with their last high school game.

Eagle Eye Sports Raw gives you an edge, recruiting Education. Sports recruiting is so complicated it can become exhausting:

  • What high schools to attend?
  • What camps to attend?
  • What schools are recruiting my athlete?
  • Why coaches aren’t calling my athlete?
  • What school best fits the needs of my athlete?
  • How to become ranked?
  • Who should my athlete train with?
  • How do I truly get seen by college coaches?


  1. Uploaded Banner of Athlete Head Snap Shot of The Athlete
  2. Webpage Profile
  3. Bio of Student-Athlete
  4. 6 Youtube Highlights & 2 HUDL form fill
  5. Availability of Multi-Sport Videos
  6. Dream Schools and Schools that offered a Scholarship List
  7. Personal Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc (note these will be icons to click to go directly to your social media).
  8. Don’t forget to give credit to help you become the Total Athlete (Trainers Coaches)
  9. Access to exclusive seminars with valuable information.
  10. A beautiful webpage to share to the world utilizing your unique address.

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