Eagle Eye Sports Has Built A Lasting Relationship With HUGS Recovery Centers, located in Atlanta GA which specializes in dealing with the collegiate and professional athletes with drug and alcohol addiction. Eagle Eye Sports has involved themselves deeply in sports at all levels, whether high school, collegiate, and professional sectors. Eagle Eye Sports understands the high demand of playing sports at a very high level and the extreme some athletes will take to stay competitive using drugs, that later leads to addiction after or during their career.

Partnering with HUGS Recovery Centers Enables Eagle Eye Sports to live out our mission of LIFE AFTER Sports with a sound mind and a sound body for the athlete.

The sports world traditionally has put its focus on the abuse of anabolic steroids. But there’s growing concern that painkillers used to treat on-the-field injuries and stimulants used to control the symptoms of attention deficit disorders are increasingly being abused, said Laurence Westreich, a drug abuse psychiatrist and consultant for Major League Baseball.

Narcotic painkillers can become a crutch for athletes determined to play through pain. And when misused, the popular stimulants can provide athletes the mental and physical boost they think they need to win, Westreich said.

“They see how effective they are … they work,” he said of the drugs’ intended uses. “That’s why people abuse these drugs.”

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